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Has the loss of a critical application at an inopportune time ever cost your business revenue? What about employees sent home early or resorting to pen and paper, waiting for the network to be fixed? Downtime and lost productivity impact your bottom line. Do you have trouble budgeting for IT from year to year, or even from month to month? Ever wonder if there is a better, more reliable and predictable way to manage your entire network?
Fixed Cost IT - it's that simple! For a fixed monthly fee, Five K Technologies will work with you to understand your business availability needs and budget concerns. We will run a baseline assessment of your existing infrastructure to understand any potential weaknesses. Then we will custom tailor a service level agreement that defines your expectations and needs. Then we'll deliver on it. It's that simple.

What does Yakima need for Computer Repair

On January 16, 2009: Availability, Performance & Predictive failure monitoring for all network devices & services ,Site Assessment and Critical Review of your Network and related business workflow ,Complete inventory and tracking of all of your software and hardware ,Unlimited Proactive Maintenance on all network devices ,Unlimited Network Service Desk and Emergency Support ,Unlimited End User Helpdesk Support ,Highest Priority Response ,Quarterly and Fiscal Year End Consultation, Strategic Planning and Budgeting Sessions ,One fixed, monthly price » Read More

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Technical talk on ICD-10 Impact Analysis.


Never before has computer reliablity beed so important in ICD-10 compliance, for Computer repair in Yakima, look to Five K Technologies
Five K Technologies delivers services and solutions for your business needs by using a team based approach. Your Yakima technology needs will not be tied to the limitations of a "break/fix" IT person as often happens with Yakima service providers. As a client, you will find a team of local technology experts working in Yalkima with you to deliver the best Yakima IT services and care the industry has to offer.

Seminar on ICD10/5010 Impact Analysis.

March, 2005

How to plan for the new era of data management. The transitions to HIPAA EDI version 5010 and ICD-10 will only further complicate electronic data gathering, reporting and security... » Read More

Five K Technologies offers providers and ICD-10 COnsumers Fast, reliable Yakima Area PC Repair and Computer and Network Troubleshooting... »
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